Stadshuis Nieuwegein





25.000 m2


Gemeente Nieuwegein Projectbureau Binnenstad - Nieuwegein



Architectural firm 3XN from Aarhus, Denmark acquired the commission for the city hall in 2006, via an international contest.
The city hall does not only contain offices for the local authorities, it also houses a library, social centre, visual arts centre, a branch of UWV Werkbedrijf and the Wereldwinkel. There is also space for several shops. With this building, the municipality wants to radiate warmth, pride, ambition and quality. The design is light and spacious and intended to be transparent. This has been achieved partly by slightly rotating the floors in relation to each other, which creates a magnificent view on the first four floors from the ground level.

Similar projects

City Hall Utrecht

The City Hall (Stadskantoor) Utrecht is situated directly adjacent to and above Utrecht Central Station and its bus terminal. The building houses the offices for the local authorities and there are also a number of voids and open spaces.
The project has an expressive design. The height of the building is 90 m. Because of the large spans and many voids that characterise the building, the building has been constructed with a steel structure to keep it as light as possible. The Stadskantoor is further divided in a North and a South tower, of which the latter is situated above the bus terminal.
The facade has diagonals and lattice work, that play a considerable part in the transfer of forces. Together with the cores in the North tower, they provide the stability for the entire building. Because of its location above the bus terminal, the South tower can be supported in 5 places only. 5 supercolumns have been placed, with a height of approximately 31 m.