55.000 m2 offices, 18.000 m2 parking


Rijks- gebouwendienst Directie Oost - Arnhem



The Walterbos complex consists of five already existing buildings that have been renovated. Between these buildings a plinth building has been constructed on which two towers of 60 m high have been placed. Two underground parking garages complete the project. 
Both the renovations and the new constructions have taken place while the other buildings where still in use. When, because of phasing or construction mechanics, hindrance could not be prevented, trouble was restricted by adapting specific working hours. The structure of the plinth building consists of poured concrete and (earth-retaining) walls. The rest of the supporting structure consists of innovative exposed concrete. The towers have been constructed of weight saving floors on columns around a core of poured exposed concrete. The parking garages have been executed as wide slab floors on columns. The entire project has been founded on steel. The constructions of this projects required high-quality visual finish, as much of the concrete is a design element and very clearly visible. Because of the good preparation that such a finish entails, technical execution ran very smoothly. Both the client (Rijksgebouwendienst) as well as the user (Belastingdienst), were closely involved in both preparation as well as the execution of this project. 

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